Checking Your Favorites

  • Adding a property that piques your interest to "Favorites" allows you to easily come back and check it out or compare preferences.

  • Adding Properties to Favorites

    Click the clip button on search results and details screens of properties to add that property to your favorites.

  • Checking Your Favorites

    Click "Favorites" located at the top of the screen or on the side bar check added properties. Click the Delete Button button to delete no longer wanted properties.

  • Make Batch Inquiries

    You can make batch inquries of properties add to your favorites.

How to Use Favorites

  • Save properties to your favorites and come back and check them at your convenience. Click the clip located next to the property to add it to your favorites.

  • You can also make batch inquiries to real estate agents. Check the box next to the agent you want to contact then click the "Inquire Checked Properties" button.

  • Favorited properties will remain for a week from when the last property was added. If you would like to delete a property from favorites, please click the Delete Button button.