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View Details Shimomeguro 6chome House

Shimomeguro 6chome House

A mansion in a quiet residential area o…

1 ¥278,000,000 148.77m² 1~3F
View Details Yutakacho 2chome House

Yutakacho 2chome House

A custom-built house built in 2017 in t…

1 ¥144,800,000 128.39m² 1~3F
View Details Hatanodai 5chome House

Hatanodai 5chome House

A 4-minute walk from Hatanodai Station …

1 ¥104,800,000 106.08m² 1~3F
View Details Todoroki 1chome House

Todoroki 1chome House

Todoroki is known as the mansion town o…

1 ¥263,000,000 245.76m² B1~2F
View Details Ookayama 1chome House

Ookayama 1chome House

A room full of sunlight with a lot of d…

1 ¥57,980,000 89.39m² 1~13F
View Details Meguro 3chome House

Meguro 3chome House

Custom-built house built in 2016 by Toy…

1 ¥120,000,000 104.83m² 1~3F
View Details Toritsudaigaki-House


A house where you can feel the seasons …

1 ¥134,800,000 110.26m² 1~3F
View Details Kaminoge 2chome RC House

Kaminoge 2chome RC House

This property is located in a quiet res…

1 ¥498,000,000 437.08m² 1~4F
View Details Asakusa Tower

Asakusa Tower

It is Asakusa's first high-rise seismic…

1703 ¥73,800,000 65.04m² 17F
View Details Denenchofu 2chome House (2-40-7)

Denenchofu 2chome House (2-40-7)

Luxury residential area Denenchofu 2-ch…

1 ¥475,000,000 498.11m² B1~3F
View Details Park Tower Yokohama Station Premier

Park Tower Yokohama Station Premier

There is a supermarket and a convenienc…

2511 ¥85,300,000 65.31m² 25F
View Details Stage First Suidobashi

Stage First Suidobashi

Surface yield 4.3% Owner change property

4F ¥29,500,000 26.77m² 4F
View Details City Terrace Toda Koen

City Terrace Toda Koen

It is a large-scale condominium for sal…

214 ¥36,800,000 67.01m² 2F
View Details Will Rose Saitama Shintoshin

Will Rose Saitama Shintoshin

It is a 7-minute walk from Saitama Shin…

901 ¥49,500,000 70.75m² 9F
View Details Crest Form Urayasu Grand Stage

Crest Form Urayasu Grand Stage

Large-scale condominium with a total of…

612 ¥41,800,000 81.56m² 6F
View Details City House Shonandai Station Court

City House Shonandai Station Court

A bright family-friendly condominium fa…

506 ¥51,800,000 70.85m² 5F
View Details Urban Heights Sugamo

Urban Heights Sugamo

A 1-minute walk from Sugamo Station on …

509 ¥54,800,000 58.64m² 5F
View Details Main stage Shinbashi

Main stage Shinbashi

Surface yield 4.38% Owner change proper…

10F ¥26,000,000 21.52m² 10F
View Details Sky Court Azabu Juban

Sky Court Azabu Juban

Surface yield 4.41% Owner change proper…

3F ¥25,000,000 20.33m² 3F
View Details Kohoku-ku,Morookacho House

Kohoku-ku,Morookacho House

Detached house in a lush residential ar…

1 ¥42,800,000 124.10m² 1~2F